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Sensitive Ones (single parents forum) Invite
Supporting sensitive children and single parents: iWalkAwake LifeCoaching sensitive children and single parents’ forum

Dear Parents and Guardians,

My name is Adam Botha. I am the owner of iWalkAwake LifeCoaching.

As a sensitive child and the eldest of two sons brought up by a single mother who did her best to help guide

our respective life journeys (with the peripheral support of my father), I am very cognisant of the tremendous

difficulty being faced by many single parents (mothers in particular) in raising sensitive children. I am also

acutely aware of how this typically manifests within these children as self conscious and withdrawn behaviour,

and a hampered ability to manifest their highest potential.

I have been liaising with your school psychologist Nicole from Greenside High School to find ways to assist and

guide. We are introducing an ongoing forum to assist parents to find practical solutions.

The details of the session are as follows:


Date: Thursday 19th May

Time: 6.30 -7.30pm

Place: Greenside High School

RSVP to Adam at Adam@iWalkAwake.com by Monday 9th May.

It is free and open to anybody who is interested. This session will cover how to identify if you have a sensitive

child and give some high level practical advice on how to communicate with them better. We will also provide

an overview of the course that will be rolled out and discuss the costs. You will have an opportunity to get

more information and ask any questions you have during the session.

Please do RSVP so that we can cater accordingly.

I look very forward to seeing you there.

My warmest regards,

Adam Botha

Owner of iWalkAwake


“I went to see Adam Botha during my grade 11 year to try and help focus my schoolwork and priorities in life.

During the sessions with Adam he helped me understand my emotions and helped me focus my feelings and

energy into more positive and driven feelings, and in doing so, gave me a better work ethic and more of a drive

to do things, even if I did not want to do them and to do well in school and anywhere else in my life. I found

the advice and strategies Adam used to help me achieve my goals were very good and well executed, as they

shifted responsibility I had placed onto others, back onto myself, helping me take charge of more of my life

and reach certain goals and achievements I was aiming for. I also found the environment very safe and

welcoming, with a freedom to speak my mind, as well as support with anything I needed. Adam constantly

kept up to date with anything he said he would do, such as emailing me the session’s notes after every session

without fail.”

– Joseph Abawat, student

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