A Short History of the School

On 30 January 1961, with Dr E Hudson as headmaster and 300 pupils from std. 6‐8, Greenside High School opened its doors. In his message to the school at the official opening in September of that year, Dr Van Wyk, the Director of education, referred to the parents’ “ideal of having a High school that would be able to provide their sons and daughters with a thorough and modern education and would possess all the necessary facilities and be able to compare with the best in the Province.”

The ensuing years ensured that this became a reality. Mr Corbett was appointed as Dr Hudon’s successor in 1962. The pupil enrolment rose to 512 and the playing fields and school grounds began to take shape. By the time Mr Lane became principal in 1964, the school boasted 739 pupils from Std 6 to 10, a library, a swimming pool and the administration block. In 1970 plans for the new hall and gymnasium, science and biology laboratories and the housecraft wing were put into motion.

Mr V Vermeulen became headmaster on 9 July 1974. A new bus was bought and the Greenside tradition of theatrical spectaculars was entrenched with productions such as The Pirates of Penzance and Romeo and Juliet. At the end of 1977, Mr Vermeulen was replaced by Mr P Schutte as acting headmaster and then as headmaster in 1978.

The school grew from strength to strength. The sports pavilion was erected and Greensiders began to make their mark academically. By the time Mr K Milne became headmaster in 1985, Greenside was winning the Johannesburg Schools’ A league Gala and the A league athletics.

Four new classrooms were completed and the foundations of the new extensive computer network were installed. The Media Centre, Video Room and Lecture Theatre became a reality.

In 2007 Mr K Milne retired and Ms N Whyte was appointed headmistress. Ms Whyte retired in April 2021.