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Staff List

School Management Staff

Principal, Deputy Principals and Finance Manager

WHYTE, MS N Principal
NAICKER, MRS A Financial Manager
BOUWER, MR C Deputy Principal / Department Head Afrikaans
CLOETE, MS R Deputy Principal / Information Technology and Computer Applications Technology
GUNNING, MR G Deputy Principal / Social Sciences
STRAUSS, MR C Deputy Principal / Business Studies 

Grade Heads

HICKS, MS A Grade 9 Head. Dept. Head – Dramatic Arts, Creative Arts, Cultural Director
LIEBENBERG, MR N Grade 8 Head /Mathematics
MOYO, MRS H Grade 9 Head / Department Head – History / Social Sciences
JEEBODH, MS R Grade 9 Head / Department Head – Mathematical Literacy
FAERCH, MR C Grade 9 Head Assistant / History / Social Sciences
MASOMBUKA, MR S Grade 10 Head / Business Studies / Life Orientation
SCHOEMAN, MRS Y Grade 10 Head Assistant / Visual Arts / Creative Arts
TEDDER, MS P Grade 11 Head / Department Head – Geography
HARRIS, MS S Assistant Grade 12 Grade Head, Afrikaans
O’REILLY, MS C Grade 12 Head / Life Sciences / Natural Sciences
GOVENDER, MS J Grade 12 Head / Accounting / EMS

Department / Subject Heads

DIEZ, MR M Subject Head – Business Studies / Accounting
HELFER, MS V Department Head –  Mathematics
MADUENYANE, MR K Department Head – Engineering Graphics and Design / Technology / Electrical Technology
NAICKER, MR L Department Head – Information Technology and Computer Applications Technology / Maths Literacy
SARUBDEO, MR S Department Head – Life Sciences and Natural Sciences
SIBANDE, MS M S Department Head –  isiZulu
SHIPTON, Mr G Subject Head Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences
SHOOLMAN, MS S Department Head – English
VISSER, MS S Department Head – Consumer Studies
VAN ZYL, MS S Department Head – Visual Art / Arts and Culture
VAN NIEKERK, MS M Department Head – Life Orientation

Academic Staff

BARRY, MS G English
BRINK, MS A Afrikaans / Creative Arts
BUYS, MS S  Afrikaans
CHIOREKA, MS F  Isizulu, Life Orientation
DIKHETHE, MS B  Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences
DOCKRAT, MS Z  English
FARINA, MR R Life Orientation
HLONGWANE, MS T Accounting / EMS
HOLMBOE, MS N Mathematics
HOON, MS C Consumer Studies / Life Orientation
ISMAIL, MS L English
KAMPER, MS K Afrikaans
KHANYI, MS M isiZulu
KLCO, MS M English
KUNENE, MR M Information Technology / Life Orientation
LUSEMBO, MR M Mathematics
MASANZU, MR E Life Sciences / Natural Sciences / Physical Sciences
MASEKO, MS T isiZulu / Life Orientation
MATUSADILA, MR T Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy
MDLULI, MS T Computer Applications Technology / Life Orientation
MELLET, MS B Life Sciences / Natural Sciences
MUSASA, MR A Mathematics
NKOSI, MR H Accounting / EMS
PROTOPAPPAS, MS E Physical Science / Natural Sciences / Life Orientation
REED, MS S Geography / Social Sciences
SANDNES, MS M History / Social Sciences
SCHWENKE, MS F Mathematics, Maths Literacy, Business Studies
SEBE, MS T Mathematics
SHEZI, MR M Technology / EGD
SMITH, MS J Technology / EGD
SPENCER, MS A English / History
UYS, MS E Mathematics
YAPI, MS M Consumer Studies / Life Orientation
YSELLE, MR J Afrikaans

Administration Staff

MOTHOTOANE, MRS G Principal’s Personal Assistant
SEBONYANE, MS C Admissions

Psychological Support Team

ECONOMOU, MS N Psychologist
MORRISON, MS A Psychologist