Welcome to our Alumni page.


Whether it’s  the teachers who spotted our unique talent and inspired the visions we are becoming, the friends (and foes) we acquired for life, the thrill of popularity, the awkwardness of having to sit it all out, whether it’s the place where we lost or found ourselves, we all have memories of the both wonderful and harrowing experience that was High School!

This year Greenside High School is inviting you to be an active member of our Greenside High  Alumni body. We’d like you to contribute to the growing legacy of our school! We’ll be calling on you to participate in or contribute towards our school events throughout the year, in various capacities but mainly to be part of an effort to build an enduring relationship with the individuals who have made Greenside high the remarkable school it is.

Please write us a brief paragraph informing us of your activities, progress and interests since you matriculated. This could include details of your marriage and children, career information and achievements, world travels, etc. This will be displayed in our biography of Greenside Alumni on the web/ Facebook page.



Wondering how you can give back to Greenside High?

Greenside is a preeminent government school in Africa’s economic capital of Johannesburg, South Africa. Friends of Greenside High and Greenside Alumni local and international are invited to support Greenside High by either making a monthly contribution, a single donation or to raise funds for Greenside. Donations of any size are sincerely appreciated.

You can help to uphold and uplift the exceptional standard of excellence in Education and Sports at Greenside High.

The Greenside Alumni office is always happy to discuss unique ways to help Greenside alumni show their appreciation for the school that means so much to all of us. Whether through traditional monetary donations, volunteering your time to help out on campus, or just coming out to cheer on our athletic teams or watch drama productions, every alumnus can make a difference!


We have decided to utilize the wonders of Facebook to achieve more with this page than just a register. To connect to and join our Alumni page please follow this link:
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We turned 50 in 2012.  Please see our 50th Anniversary letter:
Greenside 50th Anniversary Letter

Our Principal Ms Whyte has also sent out a letter to all alumni, the PDF can be downloaded via this link in:
27-04-2013 Greenside Alumni

For information on how you can contribute to the school financially please download the following PDF:
Options for the Support of Greenside High School

Take a look at our Electrical technology centre. Please note this is a large PDF and may take a few minutes to download:
Electrical Centre